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Winning Hand Equine, LLC

Restoring Fluid Movement and Vibrant Energy


equine bodywork

Valissa Willwerth, MMCP, DMA


Certified in The Masterson Method

Trained in Craniosacral at Upledger Institute

and in Equine Biomechanics.

Currently Studying Equine Osteopathy at the

Vluggen Institute of Equine Osteopathy.


Providing Skilled Equine Bodywork and Bodywork Demos

in the NJ, PA, DE and MD Region


can this help my horse?

Denise L.

Does your horse have ANY of these issues?

Stiffness                                                                                  Girthiness

Bending Issues                                                        Mystery Lameness

High Head/Upside Down                                                           Spooky

Choppy Stride                                                        Lead Change Issues

Unsound/"Off"                                                                           Bucking

Lazy, Slow, Sluggish                                      Falling in at the Shoulder

Rushes, Too Forward                                                          Tense, tight

Unbalanced                                                                               Tripping  
Bucking                                                                                     Back Sore

Can't Engage Hind                                               Lacks "Throughness"

Picking up Lead                                    Resists the Contact/Bit Issues

Resists Picking up Feet                                            Difficult for Farrier

Irritable                                                                       Dislikes Grooming



Valissa helps horses with issues such as these every day.




There is a biomechanical component to virtually every training issue.


Finding the true source of your horse's performance challenges

can be overwhelming without years spent studying anatomy, physiology and biomechanics.  This is where Valissa's training and

knowledge of functional anatomy, bodywork experience,

and highly developed hands-on skills can help you and your horse.


Skilled bodywork targets and addresses the areas wherever possible that are affecting your horse's movement, performance,

and overall wellbeing.     

Modalities offered

Certified Masterson Method Performance Bodywork More Info...

Equine Osteopathy - What's this?  Studying at the Vluggen Institute of Equine Osteopathy 

Equine Craniosacral  Tell me more!


RVNTV Interview with Valissa:

Valissa on "Let's Talk" with RVNTV's Darlene Supnick

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