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Winning Hand Equine, LLC

Certified Masterson Method® Equine Performance Bodywork

Winning Hand Equine can help your horse move better,
perform better, or just plain feel better.
Give your equine partner the chance to become
your best teammate yet.
Winning Hand Equine, LLC can help release the hidden tension, restriction, and associated issues your horse may have accumulated from work, play, or just being a horse.  Once relieved of these issues, your horse will thank you with improved performance, attitude, and overall well-being.
As the owner of Winning Hand Equine, LLC, Valissa Willwerth warmly welcomes horses of all walks of life into her client family. Her equine clients include retired racehorses, show jumpers, dressage horses, lesson horses, rescue horses, family horses and geriatric horses to name a few, all of whom enjoy a noticeably improved quality of life thanks to The Masterson Method®. Every horse Valissa works with reserves a special place in her heart.  
No matter what your goals and discipline are, you and your horse are welcome!

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Valissa Willwerth, MMCP, Winning Hand Equine, LLC
Valissa Willwerth, MMCP

As a Masterson Method Certified Practitioner, Valissa reads the horse's subtle responses to touch, thereby locating and releasing accumulated tension and restriction in areas of the body that directly affect performance.  Light touch and gentle movement within an allowable range of motion form the basis for all the techniques.  Two key elements of this multi-modality form of equine bodywork are:


●  The horse participates in the entire process

  ●  All techniques are performed with the horse

       in a relaxed state, under the brace response. 




Horses often hold tension deep within the body. They cannot release these issues themselves, nor will simply time, turnout, etc. The gentle techniques used by Winning Hand Equine, known as The Masterson Method®, can access and release hidden tension and restriction, even if they are not palpable externally and have been there for many years.


Winning Hand Equine bodywork can improve a wide range of performance issues in horses including range of motion, flexibility, suppleness, athleticism, quality of gait, and circulation, as well as disposition, attitude, and overall comfort and well-being. It also improves communication and enhances the owner/horse relationship.


Skilled bodywork helps the horse shift from the sympathetic nervous system, the "fight or flight" mode, to the parasympathetic nervous system.  This can be an incredibly peaceful place for the horse, where the release of tension can finally happen.


"Valissa really has a gift and has been a blessing for our Percheron/Warmblood cross.  After the first session, I noticed a significant difference in his demeanor and comfort level under saddle.  The difference after the second session, however, was absolutely amazing."

Denise L.

The work Valissa Willwerth of Winning Hand Equine, LLC is not a substitute for veterinary care and does not diagnose or treat illness, injury or lameness.

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"Our Touch...Your Success."

Let us help your equine partner be your best teammate yet.