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"The improvement was tremendous"  Jessica L.


"Valissa really has a gift and has been a blessing for our Percheron/Warmblood cross.  After the first session, I noticed a significant difference in his demeanor and comfort level under saddle.  The difference after the second session, however, was absolutely amazing."  Denise L.

"Valissa!  You have no idea how awesome Senny is feeling.  Between the work you did, the detox and cutting back on his sugar intake we managed to make him happy again.  No negative reaction to the saddle and he doesn't object to grooming.  He moves forward willingly under saddle."  Elizabeth J.

CS photocrop.jpeg

"I wanted to get back to you about how CS is feeling.  He feels really loose since you were here and is feeling more like himself last year at this time.  I'm so appreciative and grateful for you and your work!Michele K.


"I have seen an amazing change in my horse since Valissa has been working with her! While she has always been a winning show horse, Valissa has enabled her to reach for her peak performance! Her sticky changes have become smooth and her rides more comfortable and relaxed! Jersey Girl seems to be so much more comfortable and happy doing her job! She yawns every time I go to put the bridle on!


I rely on my horse to be there for me when competing and jumping..I’m so happy we found Valissa to help me give back to her the muscle relaxation and comfort she deserves! We highly recommend her!!"

Michele B.

"We are SO happy with Valissa's work. She spent many hours working on my mare who had a severe back injury several years ago. The improvement was tremendous! Freer forward movement, no more avoiding the bridle, and just an overall more pleasant ride! Can't say enough good things about Valissa and her skill!"

Jessica L.

Taco (2)_edited.jpg

"Valissa really has a gift and has been a blessing for Taco, our Percheron/Warmblood cross.


I noticed him feeling stiff and a bit moody over the winter months and unsure what to do for him, I asked Valissa if she could help. During the first massage, they developed an immediate trust and bond. After the first session, I noticed a significant difference in his demeanor and comfort level under saddle. He no longer braced himself upon landing while jumping and more easily extended his gaits.


The difference after the second session, however, was absolutely amazing. With his relaxed jaw, he happily took his bit. He was bending easily through his turns again, showed wonderful flexibility in his neck and throughout his top line, and was full of energy and enthusiasm. He was even able to graze more comfortably, lowering his head to the grass with ease. Even with my limited knowledge of the Masterson method process, I was able to see huge improvements in Taco’s mobility and participation throughout the session. He was yawning and releasing, and was all over more relaxed and comfortable.


Valissa and I both continue to see fantastic results from this technique. Taco has never felt better; we recently had great success at a rated show not long after a particularly effective session. And Taco is just one of a few horses at our barn that have enjoyed Valissa’s work and showed improvement. I look forward to seeing even more improvements and an even happier Taco in the future working with Valissa...."

Denise L.

"Thank you Valissa Willwerth for helping Cody with his sore back using your amazing equine body work with The Masterson Method! I'm impressed! She is fantastic with the horse!"

Cathy M.


"Thank you Valissa for your work with Oliver! Ollie has always been “calm” and willing under saddle but not always as relaxed as I’d like to see him. It was wonderful to see him melt into the work and feel free to express himself as you guided him through the session with mindfulness and respect. It’s a joy to see him move more freely and with purpose after his sessions with you. After each appointment he gets more and more engaged and aware and willing to use his entire body. I highly recommend this for anyone looking to help their horse stay happy, healthy, and thrive in their work."

Sybil C.

"If anyone knows how Sprite has been over the past year they wouldn't believe how he looks today.  After 2 sessions, he can stand straight, rest his hind legs, and his overall facial expression has softened up.. if you have a horse with any type of issue, riding, chronic pain, or just don't know what's wrong, then you need to contact her! It's amazing!"

Jennifer P.


"I would use Valissa before a chiro. In a heartbeat!" 

Jennifer P.

My quarter horse Cougar Canyon had his first session today with Valissa and it was amazing to watch. Valissa identified problem areas and to see Cougar’s reactions to her work with him was quite enlightening. Cougar really responded to this method and just as importantly,

to Valissa herself!! 

Gail G.

"Cougar LOVES her!!! To me, that says it all!" 

Gail G.

20190221_150757_1550795018624 (2).jpeg
20190221_151324_1550795014896 (2).jpeg

Bailey's post session snuggle...

20190221_151334_1550795013790 (3).jpeg

...and "Thank You" nuzzle.

20171207_105550 (3)_edited.jpg
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