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A typical Masterson Method bodywork session lasts roughly 2 hours and covers the horse from head to tail.  Your first session will start with a few minutes in discussion with you, sharing your horse's history, current workload, current and past issues, any recent changes good or bad in your horse's life (such as workload, tack, schedule, feed, behavior, demeanor, etc.) and your goals both with your horse and with the bodywork.

An initial physical evaluation of your horse begins the bodywork session, which helps to highlight where the "current", more surface issues are.  The actual bodywork itself addresses both these issues and delves into "older", much deeper issues.

Sessions can be characterized as quiet, gentle, yet extremely effective.  Horses typically love Masterson Method bodywork because they identify that the bodyworker is really listening to them, and having a respectful conversation through gentle touch.  Seeing your horse releasing by licking and chewing, yawning, and shaking off the tension is truly remarkable and are only a few ways your horse will display letting go of issues, old and new.

The work is done in the comfort of your horse's stall, but can also be done in an arena or even in the pasture if your horse is accustomed to 24/7 turnout.  Wherever your horse is most comfortable is where we will work.



"My equine veterinary chiropractor also recommended this method for our horses.

I love the results I have seen!"

Cathy M.

Demo for D4K with Lendon Gray.jpg

Masterson Method demo for Dressage4Kids with Lendon Gray


Demos are available for groups

of five or more. 

"Valissa Willwerth, thank you so much for coming and sharing your wealth of knowledge about how Masterson Method Bodywork works! All very much enjoyed the demonstration. Many messages from participants that went home and tried to incorporate techniques demonstrated with lots of “I get it” feedback!"

Joanne P.




Participants see the techniques in action, ask lots of questions and even receive some

hands-on experience.

Fee: $20/person, minimum of 5 participants


Call or email for more info

Demo at Silver Bit and Spur, Whitehouse Station, NJ

IMG_3117 (3).jpg

 Demo at Thorncroft Equestrian Center, Malvern, PA

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Demo at Safe Haven Rescue at Keneva Farm, Mullica Hill, NJ

Private sessions per horse (approx 90 minute-2 hrs) -   $150.