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What is The Masterson Method®?

"Valissa guided him through the session with mindfulness and respect." Sybil C.

The Masterson Method® is an integrated form of bodywork that reads the horse's subtle responses to touch to locate and release tension and restriction in key areas that directly affect performance.  As such the horse is an active and respected participant in the entire process. 


The Masterson Method® was developed by Jim Masterson, equine bodyworker for USET Endurance and FEI World Cup, Pan American and World Games competitors.  After years of observing how horses were responding to certain touch and not others, he noticed distinct patterns in their behavior relating to release of tension and restriction.  Over time he codified his observations into the brilliant and astoundingly effective modality known as The Masterson Method®. 

Because of its profound ability to release tension it is applicable to any horse regardless of age, breed or discipline, from the backyard family horse to equine athletes competing at the highest levels.  

The techniques involve light touch and gentle movement within an allowable range of motion in a relaxed state.  Because all of the work is done under the brace response, it bypasses the horse's natural, inborn tendency to guard, hide and brace against tension and discomfort.  By doing so The Masterson Method® is able to help the horse finally let go of restriction no matter how long it's been held.

It is truly an honor to be certified in this method and to know the genius behind it:  a man who cares deeply for the welfare of the horse, and whose bodywork abilities are nothing short of poetry in motion.


Val and Jim M_edited.jpg

With deep gratitude for Jim:  A first-rate human being who leads by example in his

altruism and integrity.

"It was wonderful to see [my horse] melt into the work and feel free to express himself..." 

Sybil C.

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